Best Cocktails in Prague

The Czech are typically thought of as a beer-loving folk, a claim they readily back up by consuming the highest annual amount of beer per capita. We recommend exploring what they’re up to on that front with a peek at our craft beer guide. In recent years, however, the small central European country has gained some notoriety for outstanding contributions in yet another area of crafted beverages.

A large number of Czech expats have risen to fame within the international cocktail scene. Whether in London, New York, Hong Kong or Singapore, there’s a startlingly common thread of Czech craftsmanship running throughout some of the world’s best bars. And while many world cities have benefitted from these foreign bartenders’ expertise, it’s only within the past few years that Prague, the Czech capital, has also received the blessings.

With a mixology scene that could stand up to that of any other city, Prague’s bar offerings are world-class. Of the many quality bars in the city, we selected a few favorites. Lovers of simplicity are sure to be satisfied by an expertly prepared gin fizz or old fashioned, and even the most seasoned cocktail aficionados won’t be disappointed by a bespoke martini mixed to order.

Best Cocktail Bars in Prague

best cocktails in prague parlour


Parlour is hands down one of the best things in the Czech capital, cocktail bar or otherwise. The two friends who own and operate the small cellar-establishment sling drinks under the banner of being “the cocktail artists” of Prague, and their claim is not unfounded. Advocating a puristic approach that wastes no time on the frills of additives like garnishes and even bitters, the Parlour boys are intent on utilizing the unique flavor profile of each spirit and liqueur to it’s full potential – and enlightening their guests in the process.

Krakovská 15, Praha 1

Monday – Saturday
6p – 1a

6p – 12a

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Best cocktails in Prague Hemingway

Hemingway Bar

This award-winning bar in the very heart of Prague’s Old Town is by all accounts a world-class mixology experience. The gorgeous interior employs vintage accents like dark wood and leather, brass-studded armchairs, further enforced by the fresh-pressed shirts and suspenders of the barmen. Whether you find a small table in a dim-lit corner or a seat at either of the two bars (downstairs and upstairs), you will be well taken care of by some of Prague’s premier bartenders.

Karoliny Světlé 279/26, Praha 1

Monday – Thursday
5p – 1a

5p – 2a

7p – 2a

7p – 1a

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Best Cocktails in Prague Black Angel's Bar

Black Angel’s

Black Angel’s is yet another option for high-end cocktails in Prague’s central district, but this bar adds an even deeper level of intrigue. The intricate, pseudo-historical backstory will be lost on those simply popping in for a quick one, but we recommend delving deep into the menu and enjoying the narrative of a supposed Czech bartender who traveled the globe and devised some of the world’s most beloved drink recipes in the process. Some of which are still employed by the staff behind the bar at Black Angel’s.

Staroměstské nám. 29, Praha 1

Sunday – Saturday
5p – 3a

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Best Cocktails in Prague Bonvivant's


If you’re looking to have a nice mixed drink before five o’clock, Bonvivant’s is perhaps your only choice. If at least by default, you’re still onto something good. Recommended by a few other authoritative barkeeps in town, the small bar and restaurant finds itself situated in a peaceful street of the Old Town close to the National Theater. In contrast to most other bars included in this list, Bonvivant’s offers things to nosh as well. The sharable, tapas-style plates are a welcome pairing to your elixir of choice.

Bartolomějská 3, Praha 1

Tuesday – Saturday
11a – 1a

2p – 10p

3p – 1a

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best cocktails in prague L'fleur


L’Fleur may be very much about fine mixology, but there is an and. Mixology and champagne – and that second part is anything but a throwaway. As the first nine pages of the menu are devoted exclusively to the bubbly, we wondered if they considered Champagne and Mixology instead. But L’Fleur makes perfectly good on their promise to serve the cocktail-crazed just as well. Skilled bartenders are ready to mix up any of the bar’s signature drinks or something special to order.

V Kolkovně 920/5, Praha 1

Monday – Saturday
6p – 3a

6p – 12a

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Best Cocktails in Prague AnonymouS

AnonymouS Bar

With its Guy Fawkes imagery and allusions to the decentralized group of digital anarchists, AnonymouS Bar is very much a themed institution. Playful and admittedly less self-serious than many of their craft cocktail contemporaries, the AnonymouS folks (who shall remain nameless) are still serving top-notch drinks. The interior features a lot of red velvet, plush victorian couches and dark, heavy drapes – adding to the air of mystery. Also a bit mysterious is the bar’s whereabouts, hidden back through a series of courtyards.

Michalská 12, Praha 1

Sunday – Thursday
5p – 2a

Friday & Saturday
5p – 3a

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Best Cocktails in Prague Cash Only Bar

Cash Only Bar

An offshoot of the Hemingway operation, the guys behind Cash Only Bar are decidedly less formal in their approach, but just as excellent in their delivery. Where Hemingway is cool and collected, Cash Only is quirky and uninhibited – evidenced at first glance by the bar snacks on offer; hot dogs and popcorn. The imagination doesn’t stop there. Their innovative combinations put novel spins on classic styles. Cherry-blossom Fizz, Popcorn Sour and many, many more…

Liliová 218/3, Praha 1

Sunday – Tuesday
6p – 1a

Wednesday – Saturday
6p – 2a

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