Coffee in Berlin – Five Elephant

We already knew that Five Elephant was responsible for some of the best coffee in Berlin, so it came as no surprise when they at last decided to open up another café location. This time in Mitte, and this time – in style.

Not that they weren’t stylish before, but the new spot on Alte Schönhauser Straße boasts what is quite possibly one of the sleekest café interiors we’ve ever seen. Given that the immediate vicinity is teeming with upscale fashion retailers the likes of Acne Studios and Filippa K, the new Five Elephant plays well with its new neighbors.

Coffee in Berlin Five Elephant

When you step in off the street, the very first thing you’ll notice is the glorious terrazzo-fashioned bar running the length of the long, narrow space. The festive splotches of peach and salmon pop delightfully against the darker charcoal bits and the entire mass coalesces into something resembling the untested waters of Jackson Pollock abandoning his usual medium and opting for Funfetti instead.

Coffee in Berlin Five Elephant

Courtesy of a Modbar machine hidden down below, espresso pours magically from serpentine chrome fixtures emerging from the counter. Consistent with everything we know and love about Five Elephant, any drink is killer. Fans of the original Kreuzberg location will be pleased to know that the famous Philly Cheesecake makes an appearance as well, although this time reimagined. Where Kreuzberg serves it by the slice, Mitte’s are little self-contained units of buttery graham cracker crust and perfectly light, sweet filling. You’d be remiss not to indulge.

Five Elephant Mitte

Alte Schönhauser Str. 14, 10119 Berlin

Mon – Fri
8a – 8p

10a – 8p

10a – 5p

visit website


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