Brunch in Riga – Mute

Mute is the Latvian word for mouth, and one of the more important words you’ll need to know when in Riga. This isn’t because you’ll actually have any use for it in conversation, because let’s face it, you won’t be having any in Latvian. You’ll need to keep this word in your back pocket because it’s the name of a café and restaurant that should be hot on your radar. Ironically though, when your palette encounters the delightful produce of Mute’s kitchen, keeping quiet about it probably won’t be happening.

Brunch in Riga MuteBrunch in Riga Mute

The interior is modern and pleasant, especially in the dining area at the back. The entire space is filled with soft light from the glass ceiling, which feeds the many potted birch trees and other plants and beautifully contrasts the dark, Scandinavian-inspired decor. A large opening into the kitchen makes for an inspiring glimpse at the creation process, with the talented chefs moving about totally within their element. Easily capable of taking care of you for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Mute doesn’t limit itself in the scope of its concept. The well-sourced menus are contenders at any time of day, but we’re shining the spotlight specifically on what Mute is dishing up in the morning – as it’s probably the best brunch in Riga.

Brunch in Riga Mute

Not only great by Riga’s standards, Mute stands tall by any standard. The Eggs Benedict was one of the best we’ve ever eaten. No exaggeration. As regular partakers whenever it’s on offer, we’ve sampled our fair share of the dish – so that’s saying something. Another noteworthy creation was the buckwheat almond pancakes accompanied by a side of crispy bacon. Regardless of where you fall on the sweet-salty spectrum, this was a perfect pairing that anyone could be down with. If the stellar brunch menu isn’t enough, Mute also kicks ass at coffee. The charming baristas can pair your breakfast with espresso in all its forms as well as hand-brewed filter coffee for the purists. There aren’t many places in Riga with extraordinary coffee, and even fewer with incredible brunch. Let the fact that Mute has both be all the reason needed to stop by.


Tērbatas iela 63, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1001

Brunch Hours

Monday – Friday
8a – 12p

10a – 3p

visit website


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