Coffee in Prague – EMA espresso bar

Much like Vienna, the café culture in Prague feels antique. The old-world charm of imperial Europe lives on in the many spaces bedecked with marble, dark-stained wood, and brass. And that’s cool. It’s enchanting to sample the timeworn. But just like Europe in pretty much every other sense, the contrast between the dated and the modern can be felt all over the place. Stacking the traditional coffeehouses up against those of Prague’s third wave coffee scene makes that pretty clear.

EMA espresso bar is a buzzing spot literally steps away from the historic Masaryk railway station. Its location close to the city center makes it a hub for all kinds of people – local businessmen and coffee aficionados alike. The clean, light-filled atmosphere is vibrant and alive, perfectly complimenting the top-tier coffee that they’re brewing.

Coffee in Prague EMA espresso barCoffee in Prague EMA espresso bar

Featuring espresso roasts from premier sources all over Europe, they’ve got at least two different roasters on at any given time. At the time we popped in, our choice was between Johannes Bayer of Munich (their fixture) and guest rotator, The Barn of Berlin. As Berliners we would have been remiss to take what we can get literally any ol’ time, so we went with JB.

Coffee in Prague EMA espresso barCoffee in Prague EMA espresso bar

Additionally the pastries are killer. Traditional kolaches and sweet buns are regularly on offer and make a great light breakfast before hitting the city. Highly recommend the Buchta, a delicious Czech pastry filled with rich plum jam. They’ve also got some sandwiches and salads if you’re in around lunchtime.

Coffee in Prague EMA espresso bar

EMA espresso bar

Na Florenci 1420/3, Prague 1


Saturday / Sunday

visit website


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