Brunch in Berlin – House of Small Wonder

House of Small Wonder satisfies one’s craving for enjoying brunch inside of a greenhouse nestled high up in the trees – a craving you probably didn’t even know you had until you walked in. Playing out more like Jules Verne excerpt than a café foyer, the stage is set for wonderment as soon as you step in off of Johannisstraße. A massive collection of potted plants surrounds a winding spiral staircase, inviting you to follow a sudden spark of curiosity and climb to the unseen world of magic up above. The fantasy fans out there are likely already on board, but for those with no particular affinity for secret hidden worlds, we’ll sweeten the deal with what’s being served for brunch.

Brunch in Berlin House of Small WonderBrunch in Berlin House of Small Wonder

The Japanese influences are felt right off the bat. Even though the concept looks to European cafés as the first and foremost source of inspiration, clever hints of Japanese ingredients are subtly employed at every turn. First thing to catch our eye was the Biscuit Benedict – two homemade yogurt-scones with ham, fresh farm eggs and wasabi hollandaise sauce. The tang of the scones was akin to sourdough and a nice companion to the slight kick of wasabi.

Brunch in Berlin House of Small Wonder

Croissant French Toast was a welcome departure from the classic dish we all know and love. For any skeptics out there, we’re still talking about buttery bread dipped in milk and egg and then fried. Fret not. Flaky croissant with sweet maple syrup and whipped cream goes down just as smooth as any other sort of bread one might use for the dish, and honestly felt even a bit less heavy after the fact.

Brunch in Berlin House of Small Wonder

Reaching the menu by way of the aforementioned European café traditions, the croque madame was a savory morning treat. Ham and gruyere are of course the nonnegotiables, but instead of the usual poached or fried egg, House of Small Wonder tops theirs with organic scrambled eggs and béchamel sauce. If anyone was wondering, meat, cheese and pastry are the best of friends.

Unlike many other places for brunch in Berlin, brunch at House of Small Wonder is not just a weekend affair. Their all-day-every-day brunch policy means you can come in anytime you like, and for that reason we recommend visiting during the week. Crowds won’t be as much of an issue and you can save those weekend mornings for the other establishments only operating on Saturdays and Sundays.

Brunch in Berlin House of Small Wonder

House of Small Wonder

Johannisstraße 20, Berlin

Sunday – Saturday

visit website


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