Brunch in Amsterdam – The Breakfast Club

The six members of a certain 7:00 a.m. detention session portrayed in a certain 1985 John Hughes movie would have likely rather been anywhere else than at school on a Saturday morning. Of any and all potential alternatives, though, actually engaging in the act of eating breakfast would have been at the top of the list – at least for us. Thankfully for us and for you, we can spend our free mornings in Amsterdam anywhere we like. So of our own volition, we opted for induction into The Breakfast Club.

Brunch in Amsterdam The Breakfast ClubBrunch in Amsterdam The Breakfast Club

The hip Amsterdam chain has three spots scattered throughout the city, all making good on the implied promise of good morning provisions. The morning menu seemed celebratory of all things breakfast with options hot, cold, sweet, savory and everything in between, making sure that anyone with a solid appetite is welcome in this club. First on the list were the “city breakfasts,” dishes inspired by locales near and far – Mexico City, London and New York offering huevos rancheros, English breakfast, and heaping stacks of buttermilk pancakes respectively.

Poached eggs all over the menu is getting a bit old at this point, so we were pleasantly surprised to find none at The Breakfast Club. In their stead we found a breakfast burger with bacon, fried egg, and dill mayo on brioche, a great take on the southern American classic, Chicken and Waffles, and our first ever encounter with Matcha pancakes.

Brunch in Amsterdam The Breakfast Club

The Matcha pancakes were quite the trip. On top was mascarpone, raspberry lime jam, minced pecans and white chocolate drizzle. And even for all the sweet stuff on top, the earthy, vegetal taste of the Matcha was perfect for balancing it all out. Sweetness overload crisis averted.

Brunch in Amsterdam The Breakfast Club

The Chicken & Waffles was a warm and crispy rendition of the dish from America’s Deep South, although with their own addition of Sriracha and honey butter. Not at all a typical thing to eat for breakfast in the Dutch capital, and The Breakfast Club nails it. Let its novelty and deliciousness convince you to try.

The Breakfast Club

Wibautstraat 56, 1091 CL Amsterdam


Haarlemmerplein 31, 1013 HR Amsterdam


Bellamystraat 2, 1053 BL Amsterdam


Saturday & Sunday

visit website


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