Cocktails in Prague – Parlour

A discreet cellar establishment just out of earshot from the hubbub of the nearby Wenceslas Square, Parlour is as undisclosed an operation as they come. These cocktail artisans like it that way, too. But for all their attempts at avoiding attention, word does get around. The bar has made well-deserved appearances in best-of lists from sources at home and abroad – mentioners include the New York Times, in-the-know Czech locals at Taste of Prague, and of course, yours truly.

The express goal of the bartending duo behind Parlour is a no-nonsense cocktail experience. And that means you’re there on their terms. Where the schtick of the modern cocktail bar has come to rely heavily on secondary things like presentation or themed decor, the Parlour chaps are championing an approach that aims to craft the finest drink with the least amount of moving parts as possible. And the mixed-drink enthusiasts out there might be surprised to learn that that applies to garnishes and even bitters. You won’t find either in your drink at Parlour. Martin Tomášek, one of the guys behind the bar (literally and figuratively) explained that there are so many unique and interesting spirits to be used – many of which have a wonderful bitter profile already. “Why not use those to achieve the same result?”

Whether it’s the low ceilings, bookshelves filled with leather-bound antiquity or vintage jazz spinning on the hi-fi, the atmosphere couldn’t be any more warm and inviting. So relaxed and void of pretence, the bartenders heighten the comfortability even more with their eagerness to treat each guest to a drink tailored precisely to his or her taste. The vintage glassware from soviet-era Czechoslovakia is a cool touch as well. There are plenty of places for excellent cocktails in Prague, but Parlour is in a class all its own.

Cocktails in Prague ParlourCocktails in Prague Parlour


Krakovská 15
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic



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