Coffee in Amsterdam – NewWerktheater

Seeking out a solid cup of coffee in Amsterdam will inevitably lead you to the various third wave shops sprinkled along the canals and throughout the outlying neighbourhoods. The renown of local roasters like White Label and Lot Sixty One hangs heavy in the air even from touchdown at Schiphol. Of course it’s nice to have such a solid assortment of roastery-café concepts at your beck and call, but lest we forget how nice even the slightest deviation from the norm can be, there are those rare birds like NewWerktheater who are here to set the record straight.

NewWerktheather is not a café. At least – not exactly and not exclusively. It’s the imaginative concept space dreamt up by a local creative agency called …,staat; both a home for them and for all the things that they love, namely creativity, light-filled spaces and delicious food and drink. The kicker is that it’s open to the public. Herein we find your impetus for paying them a visit while out and about Amsterdam. Downstairs in what was once the foyer of the theater, the caffeinated weapon of choice comes courtesy of Bonanza, a Berlin-based roastery who has officially joined in concert with NewWerk to make sure each and every cup is beyond belief. And it turns out that an acclaimed creative studio is also capable of working wonders of the interior design variety. Who knew?

We beseech the Amsterdammers among you to delve fully into the goings-on at NewWerktheater, exploring all the possibilities that they offer in the ways of event hosting and catering. For those of us just passing through on holiday, we’ll be limited to enjoying a perfectly foamed cappuccino in the lobby – no complaints here.

Coffee in Amsterdam NewWerktheater

Coffee in Amsterdam NewWerktheater

Coffee in Amsterdam NewWerktheater


Oostenburgergracht 75
1018 NC Amsterdam



Saturday & Sunday

visit website


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