Coffee in Amsterdam – Lot Sixty One

Playing the game with a mighty Kees van der Westen Spirit (an espresso machine with a hefty reputation) as well as baristas who pull each and every shot to perfection, Lot Sixty One is an absolute do-not-skip on your stopover in Amsterdam. Located on a corner beside one of the ridiculously charming canals, Lot Sixty One has made a name for itself in the third wave roasting community and has certainly nestled itself into these coffee-loving hearts. Of course each blessed trip to Amsterdam entails some form of coffee tourism (more coffee recommendations here), but we find ourselves forever and always revisiting this gem.

A true coffee lover’s paradise, the Australian-inspired café takes pride in hand roasting its coffee on location and filling the shop with the freshest aroma known to man in the process. The quality and presentation of each drink is a step above and beyond and may well persuade you to cop a bag of beans to take home. Passion not only spills out in each cup of coffee, but is also evident amongst the baristas who man the ship on a daily basis, their friendly demeanor creating a cozy atmosphere where each guest is welcomed with a grin. From the urban-modern interior to the heart behind the buzzing roasting operations, this café on Kinkerstraat has the goods.

Bonus tip: if you’re interested in learning more about coffee during your stay, sign up for one of Lot Sixty One’s barista training workshops and come out with more than just a caffeine high or enamel mug for the collection of coffee memorabilia – although some of our team was keen to score some merch as well. Diehard coffee lovers, you know the drill.

Coffee in Amsterdam Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Coffee in Amsterdam Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Coffee in Amsterdam Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Lot Sixty One

Kinkerstraat 112
1053 ED Amsterdam




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